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Therapy is for sane people

SOO what’s up with this stigma around mental health, that you have to be messed up to go to therapy?

This angers me, among many things. Right now though this is getting under my skin the most!

On the contrary, therapy is for sane people, it’s for logical self aware people. Who realize that there might be something bringing them down or something that they need to get off their chest that is blocking them from something they desire to have or be.

Truly deranged, insane, mentally ill to an extreme, are usually too sick to willingly go to therapy.

The desire to see a therapist can’t be forced upon you it has to come from within, because there isn’t any point in having a conversation with someone you don’t want to speak with?

( I know most of you know what i’m saying because I’m sure most of us if not all had to have a forced conversation with someone, and we tend to throw those in the garbage as soon as it’s over.)

So with that said being said, i truly hope those who believe that therapy is only for “screwed up” people will reconsider. Realize it’s one of the best ways to treat yourself getting an unbiased opinion in you troubles or recognition in your accomplishments.

Everybody deserves to love themselves, feel good and have confidence.

That’s what therapy is about learning to love yourself in a world where there seems to not have enough love.

So if your feeling any type of way, or simply just want a nice convo to get you thinking and want to be in a better mental place. Invest in a therapist

Hope this helps


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