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The truth…

Sometimes i hear the question “What’s the craziest thing you did in college?”

Honestly, I don’t think there is a “Craziest” thing. A moment in time with I commited, witnessed and participated in the ultimate insanity.

The experience as a whole has been insane. Unpredictable, heart breaking yet mesmerizing at the same time. I went to school with this mentality, that everyone is mature, and there is no way it would be anything like highschool cause we reached a certain age.

Then I realized, from my experience you never really become an adult emotionally.

I met people, I wish I could unmeet, others I wish I’ve got to keep. I fell in-love for the very first time, and realized whatever I thought I felt before was an absolute lie.

Reality of being a woman in a men’s world hit me harder than ever, when I realized I had no voice… and everyone took a person’s voice over mine not based off circumstances but the fact that I was born without a penis.

Also I learned that people lie a lot, including myself, especially myself all those times I told myself everything was okay when it wasn’t, the times I let myself believe everything was my fault but I wasn’t the sole person to blame.

I thought i was a genuinely good person, but I realized i’m not and at times I didn’t even hesitate hurting the ones closest to me.

College was, is the craziest experience, because I grew the most outside of the classroom than inside. Before coming here i lived in an imaginary world where everyone was good and had good. Then i discovered the bad in people, I ate the forbidden apple and found out the truths.

The scary thing about the truth…. It’s that it isn’t kind, it does not care for your feelings or what you been through or who you are. It spares no-one and it’s reality, ugly.

So i guess the craziest thing I did in college, was discover the truth about people and the world.


The best way to get to know a person is not by what they say about themselves, but what they say about the world, people and everything else. So if you want to get to know me there is no better way than just simply reading my work. It's the window to my soul.

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