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I, The Fool

I’m the girl

With too much feelings

Get a little broken hearted

Every time you leave me on read

Not the type that just goes to bed


I wouldn’t mind

Waking next to you

I just wish I knew all your stories

Before then

Who you met where you been


I know it’s a thing of the past

It’s actually kind of sad

That most people become lovers

Without knowing each other


It shouldn’t be like that

I know these are crazy times

But if you have a little faith

You’ll find

That it doesn’t always


Have to be that way

Somewhere in the mixed drinks

Drunken conversations

I was hoping you remember

The one about the hopeless romantic

I have always been….


I think I was silently asking you

Even though I wasn’t supposed to

To be mine then

Instead of pushing you

Onto my friend


Trembling hands, Watering eyes

You can already tell

This wasn’t a lie

Somehow in this dance

Our bodies close


My mouth on yours

I breathe you in

Your touch sets me on fire

You’re a prize

Let me win.



The best way to get to know a person is not by what they say about themselves, but what they say about the world, people and everything else. So if you want to get to know me there is no better way than just simply reading my work. It's the window to my soul.

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