I, The Fool

I’m the girl

With too much feelings

Get a little broken hearted

Every time you leave me on read

Not the type that just goes to bed


I wouldn’t mind

Waking next to you

I just wish I knew all your stories

Before then

Who you met where you been


I know it’s a thing of the past

It’s actually kind of sad

That most people become lovers

Without knowing each other


It shouldn’t be like that

I know these are crazy times

But if you have a little faith

You’ll find

That it doesn’t always


Have to be that way

Somewhere in the mixed drinks

Drunken conversations

I was hoping you remember

The one about the hopeless romantic

I have always been….


I think I was silently asking you

Even though I wasn’t supposed to

To be mine then

Instead of pushing you

Onto my friend


Trembling hands, Watering eyes

You can already tell

This wasn’t a lie

Somehow in this dance

Our bodies close


My mouth on yours

I breathe you in

Your touch sets me on fire

You’re a prize

Let me win.



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