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Word Master

I don’t have the words right now… and by ” I don’t have the words right now” I mean I don’t want to respond to this, or write this right now.  However as I state this i’m already planning on what i’m going to say to you to get you to let me answer later.

A pen is more than just a pen, a word is more than just a word. When you think of the worst pain, if you think of physical you are wrong. An emotional pain is more painful than any physical torture, because physical pain eventually fades.

Emotional however that lingers, when you finally feel better comes back and creeps on you. Always makes you known it’s there. A pain often inflicted by “words”.

If i punched you out of anger you would most likely forgive me, but if use your insecurities and throw  them in your face out of spite, you will never forgive me. The proper choice of words i can get you to do anything.

A pen can be a sword, shackle, gun, shield, etc. And a word can be a blade, bullet, safety etc.

So yeah, i want to be a writer. Writers shape the world, history, we create and destroy with our choice of words and we choose how the story goes.

Control rests in the hand of the “Word Master”..


The best way to get to know a person is not by what they say about themselves, but what they say about the world, people and everything else. So if you want to get to know me there is no better way than just simply reading my work. It's the window to my soul.

3 thoughts on “Word Master

  1. One who wields words with confidence is able to disarm and impale the strongest opponent. Physical woulds heal but emotional wounds, they eat away, long after they have been inflicted. I love this!!!!!

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