Posted in Mask Off

You? Baby, A “petty” drug

I don’t really miss you

I just miss your taste

The way you kissed me

Gently and passionately

A hand on my throat the other on my waist

Baby baby you don’t know me

But you know I like affection with a little pain

You had me, had me so good

Better than your friend

Who tried months to get me

Yet with an amazing kiss

I was at the palm of your hand

Writing symphonies and dreaming


As if we could ever

Be more than just a fuck

That’s what you wanted

You almost got it

Until I said stop

Haven’t touched you ever since

I’m sober now

You have no affect on me

You’re just a petty drug


The best way to get to know a person is not by what they say about themselves, but what they say about the world, people and everything else. So if you want to get to know me there is no better way than just simply reading my work. It's the window to my soul.

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