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Her Universe > Reality

once upon a time,

there was a girl who believed in silly things like magic, wishes and true love. once upon a time.

she had long dark brown hair that matched the intensity of her dark brown eyes, her silhouette was of an hour glass.

this girl used to have some bad habits like drowning in alcohol every night, and hardly ever sleeping in her own bed. don’t get the story twisted, she always respected herself… she just teased enough to have a home for the night without going all the way.

hypnotizing she was, men would frequently lie to her about not belonging to another in hopes of playing in the sands of her glass, but as fate would have it their masks would fall just right before they got close enough to hear the waves of her ocean.

envious eyes, and sharp tongues branded her a whore, a scarlet letter she wore across her chest. however she didn’t care, what people of this world had to say about her. in her head there was a universe, where everything made sense.

in that universe she spent most of her times, and merely spectated as the days passed her by, in this imperfect world….

where pain and love are perfect synonyms.

Everyone around her that lived just in this world of misconceptions, seemed to be frantically scrambling, for meaning while leading the most meaningless lives.

A sense of importance, entitlement they were so desperately after.  Not realizing we are all the same.

although she stood out, she didn’t think no differently…

She was just as trapped as they were in this world, and just as tied with no control over it’s imperfections.

one thing was different though, she understood, she saw reality, and knew it’s rules. therefore she could break them.

through many trials, many failures, she learned every detail every benefit every consequence.

Not leaving any inch of her soul un-cracked and un-soiled during her attempts at a prison break. Seeing there was no way out.

She began drawing, to keep herself sane, in her work she would make a world without imperfections, and after every failed attempt her goal would only get closer. In this place she could erase mistakes and re make into something better. With every detail, every smudge.

Most labeled her crazy, even herself as she was alone in this world where she could never be understood.

80% of the people never tried to see what is inside as they were always distracted by her appearance and merely wanted her around for decoration some tried to claim her as a trophy.

just like that she became as superficial as the world around her when she was awake when someone was watching her. however when she was on her own she broke out of this world the only way she knew how, in her universe where things made sense….


The best way to get to know a person is not by what they say about themselves, but what they say about the world, people and everything else. So if you want to get to know me there is no better way than just simply reading my work. It's the window to my soul.

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