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Personal Growth

“No offense, but you’re young.”

“You have yet to experience a lot.”

“I’ve been around the block a couple of more times than you.”

I think I’m told different iterations of these phrases almost everyday.
People always seem to think they know what’s best for others. It’s as if they want to act as puppet master in the lives of those around them, thirsty for the opportunity to leave an impact just so they can declare to the world, “I told you so.”

They don’t understand the fact that we, as individuals who choose to live independently and indulge in our own “uniquity,” look at life through no lens, except for our own.

Here’s the thing: most people only care about personal growth. Here’s what I mean by that. Most people think if they’re able afford new cars and appliances and accessories and technology, then they’ve succeeded at life. And that’s where they’re sadly mistaken.

While personal growth is important, people have disregarded its true definition. Personal growth is achievements of one’s aspirations of who they want to become. Do people really only want to own a bunch of things?…

I don’t.

I want to leave an impact on not a person, but on the populous at large. On society itself. On the world. Pursuing that means realizing that goals that revolve around materialism and greed will only lead to one’s insignificance.

While they may bring convenience, material objects don’t bring value to one’s life. They take away focus and drive for changing the future for those inflicted. They are only a distraction.

If you decide to invest into something like traveling to different places to experience different things, see different cultures, and meet different people, then you will be doing one of the best things to bring true value to your life.

The objective of everybody’s life should be to leave the world a better place than when you entered it. Anything less is a disservice to the society, nature, yourself, and your future descendants.

– R. Francis