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What I want

Strong arms

Soft lips

you hold me tight

Love it when I dance with you

I’m not the best dancer

But your the best lover

I couldn’t imagine life without you

Is that what you wanted me to say?

Sorry I’m not prefect

Your no shiny prize either

I deserve someone better

I deserve the love of another

This isn’t love

Its something less deeper

Not love

Not hate

Just not what I want

Better off as friends

Before we rip this thing called



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Supply and Demand

You sir,

You are not nice

If you were nice you wouldn’t of left me to wander

Asking questions and second guessing

Everyone and everything

If you were nice you wouldn’t of ruined love for me

If you were nice you would’ve

Talked to me, before you left

You would’ve said goodbye

Most importantly told me how and why

So I could still believe in the good in men

Instead of feeling stupid

For letting you take me to the top of the world

Only to push me down

Without any rhyme or reason

Simply just cause

Cause what?

I no longer believe in love

Just ulterior motives

Supply and demand

Usefulness and exchanges

If there ever was magic its gone

No longer to be found


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Turn Light

I’m thinking to my self, as I am sitting here.

How I wish I could take back some things you seen

Like the color of my blood

When I bleed


Or how my dark brown eyes

Suddenly turn light

Every time I cry,

With a smile I put up a fight


However always remeber

My scream

Or when I say your name



When you are far away

Still belong to me

Even when I can’t see your face

Lay your soul right next to me


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Winter is here

winter brushed up against me today…

without my permission

it stuck it’s tongue between my lips


As quickly as he came

he took my warmth

then left me cold


shivering empty handed

staring at the sun squinting

no longer feeling it’s warmth


but i was born in spring


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As I lay cradled within my refuge

My craving for freedom grows constantly

The apathy comes as a great deluge

Behaving as such, never modestly


As days turn to weeks, I plan and prepare

For the day that I am liberated

Constant nothingness leads to my despair

And I become more and more frustrated


As my destiny approaches the door

My mental vigor continues to grow

But while I may have been stronger before

I will rebuild; to the world, I will show.


All of the pain I continue to bear

All of the joy in my heart I will share

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Don’t know how to keep me in tune

 Don’t know how to treat my sweet medleys
Seem to always play second fiddle

in a orchestra filled

with beautiful violins


I want to be a violin

But we don’t get what we want
I can become first fiddle

I need to find the right orchestra
With time someone

will hear my notes for what they are
Which is more than meets the eye

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I, The Fool

I’m the girl

With too much feelings

Get a little broken hearted

Every time you leave me on read

Not the type that just goes to bed


I wouldn’t mind

Waking next to you

I just wish I knew all your stories

Before then

Who you met where you been


I know it’s a thing of the past

It’s actually kind of sad

That most people become lovers

Without knowing each other


It shouldn’t be like that

I know these are crazy times

But if you have a little faith

You’ll find

That it doesn’t always


Have to be that way

Somewhere in the mixed drinks

Drunken conversations

I was hoping you remember

The one about the hopeless romantic

I have always been….


I think I was silently asking you

Even though I wasn’t supposed to

To be mine then

Instead of pushing you

Onto my friend


Trembling hands, Watering eyes

You can already tell

This wasn’t a lie

Somehow in this dance

Our bodies close


My mouth on yours

I breathe you in

Your touch sets me on fire

You’re a prize

Let me win.


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Don’t fall for it. 

His blue eyes. The kindest eyes.

Muscles like no other and hauntingly, annoyingly beautiful.

A smile like no other and he makes my heart flutter.

I know your out of my league, I’m not a fool.

Yet so sweet and so many thorns,

I can see coming my way.

Just a crush. Nothing more.

A part of me thinks things like this happen for a reason.

The other parts tell me don’t be a fool.

Just stay friends play it cool.
But he’s stealing my piece of mind

And I have had enough.

Don’t fall for it I say.

Dangerous crush and yet hear I am writing this

So hush
Don’t be nervous. Wear that crown.

If he knows what good for him,

He’ll bow down.
It will be a tug of war since he’s already on my case.

So we’ll see what happens

In The Lord’s hands this takes place.
– Lana

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I don’t dance like that no more…

I used to be that girl

That never went out before dark

got dressed to the nines only

to do that shameful walk

For fun I would collect hearts

never let myself be tamed

I’m older now, no longer insane

Clothing myself properly

During the night time

I choose sleep

My spirit is now old

Body is weak

Substances is for the youth

Who can do anything

They put their mind too

Endless supply of energy

However I won’t weep

I did everything I wanted

Actually more

So that lifestyle, became a bore

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Breathe in

Breathe out

I guess that’s what living

Is all about


Close your eyes

Eliminate the doubt

Hold my hand

Make me yours now


If it was easy

It wouldn’t be worthwhile

Lick my wounds

Heal me now


We are two broken parts

Looking to be together

Don’t steal my heart

If you won’t make it

A treasure