Category: Poetry

What I want

Strong arms Soft lips you hold me tight — Love it when I dance with you I’m not the best dancer But your the best lover — I couldn’t imagine life without you Is that what you wanted me to say? Sorry I’m not prefect — Your no shiny prize either I deserve someone better…

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Supply and Demand

You sir, You are not nice If you were nice you wouldn’t of left me to wander Asking questions and second guessing Everyone and everything If you were nice you wouldn’t of ruined love for me – If you were nice you would’ve Talked to me, before you left You would’ve said goodbye Most importantly…

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Turn Light

I’m thinking to my self, as I am sitting here. How I wish I could take back some things you seen Like the color of my blood When I bleed   Or how my dark brown eyes Suddenly turn light Every time I cry, With a smile I put up a fight   However always…

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Winter is here

winter brushed up against me today… without my permission it stuck it’s tongue between my lips   As quickly as he came he took my warmth then left me cold   shivering empty handed staring at the sun squinting no longer feeling it’s warmth   but i was born in spring  

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As I lay cradled within my refuge My craving for freedom grows constantly The apathy comes as a great deluge Behaving as such, never modestly   As days turn to weeks, I plan and prepare For the day that I am liberated Constant nothingness leads to my despair And I become more and more frustrated…

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Don’t know how to keep me in tune  Don’t know how to treat my sweet medleys Seem to always play second fiddle in a orchestra filled with beautiful violins   I want to be a violin But we don’t get what we want I can become first fiddle I need to find the right orchestra…

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I, The Fool

I’m the girl With too much feelings Get a little broken hearted Every time you leave me on read Not the type that just goes to bed   I wouldn’t mind Waking next to you I just wish I knew all your stories Before then Who you met where you been   I know it’s…

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Don’t fall for it. 

His blue eyes. The kindest eyes. Muscles like no other and hauntingly, annoyingly beautiful. A smile like no other and he makes my heart flutter. I know your out of my league, I’m not a fool. – Yet so sweet and so many thorns, I can see coming my way. Just a crush. Nothing more.…

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Breathe in Breathe out I guess that’s what living Is all about   Close your eyes Eliminate the doubt Hold my hand Make me yours now   If it was easy It wouldn’t be worthwhile Lick my wounds Heal me now   We are two broken parts Looking to be together Don’t steal my heart…

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