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What I want

Strong arms

Soft lips

you hold me tight

Love it when I dance with you

I’m not the best dancer

But your the best lover

I couldn’t imagine life without you

Is that what you wanted me to say?

Sorry I’m not prefect

Your no shiny prize either

I deserve someone better

I deserve the love of another

This isn’t love

Its something less deeper

Not love

Not hate

Just not what I want

Better off as friends

Before we rip this thing called



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As I lay cradled within my refuge

My craving for freedom grows constantly

The apathy comes as a great deluge

Behaving as such, never modestly


As days turn to weeks, I plan and prepare

For the day that I am liberated

Constant nothingness leads to my despair

And I become more and more frustrated


As my destiny approaches the door

My mental vigor continues to grow

But while I may have been stronger before

I will rebuild; to the world, I will show.


All of the pain I continue to bear

All of the joy in my heart I will share

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Don’t know how to keep me in tune

 Don’t know how to treat my sweet medleys
Seem to always play second fiddle

in a orchestra filled

with beautiful violins


I want to be a violin

But we don’t get what we want
I can become first fiddle

I need to find the right orchestra
With time someone

will hear my notes for what they are
Which is more than meets the eye

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Don’t fall for it. 

His blue eyes. The kindest eyes.

Muscles like no other and hauntingly, annoyingly beautiful.

A smile like no other and he makes my heart flutter.

I know your out of my league, I’m not a fool.

Yet so sweet and so many thorns,

I can see coming my way.

Just a crush. Nothing more.

A part of me thinks things like this happen for a reason.

The other parts tell me don’t be a fool.

Just stay friends play it cool.
But he’s stealing my piece of mind

And I have had enough.

Don’t fall for it I say.

Dangerous crush and yet hear I am writing this

So hush
Don’t be nervous. Wear that crown.

If he knows what good for him,

He’ll bow down.
It will be a tug of war since he’s already on my case.

So we’ll see what happens

In The Lord’s hands this takes place.
– Lana