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Day 6 – Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I would chain smoke cigarettes before class keep a bottle of vodka in my locker then by a fountain drink and fill my cup with vodka instead

I would party everyday of the week go into work hungover or sometimes drunk and not sleep at all, I would fall asleep on stairs kiss literal snakes dance on tables

It would be mid winter and I would go out in a miniskirt practically naked into clubs and bars I was not old enough to get in but got in anyways

I would hang out with drug dealers in their trap houses listen to their stupid SoundCloud, I would get high when I was not already drunk

And this was life for a while, A collage of drugs alcohol … surrounded but felt so lonely. One day I got out of it. And I fell in love madly in love with someone who still lived for that shit

And I’m still crying over him never to love ever again. You wanted a happy ending? There isn’t any…

I had my heartbroken and it’s staying broken, because after you meet your person no other will suffice so why try.? And I can’t ever go back to that life