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Un complacency

So for the past couple of months I kind of have been shutting myself out from the world. Alienating myself in every way and I also realized that’s not good for me or for my loved ones, because I’m hard to be around when I’m in the head space… so I’m going to take baby…

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Secrets of the Notes

It’s crazy the amount of conversations that will never happen I write down In my notes. Books that will never be read, thoughts that will never be spoken, stories that will never be told. I probably already created a million universes by now, broke up with you a million times, married you five seconds later,…

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What I want

Strong arms Soft lips you hold me tight — Love it when I dance with you I’m not the best dancer But your the best lover — I couldn’t imagine life without you Is that what you wanted me to say? Sorry I’m not prefect — Your no shiny prize either I deserve someone better…

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Sounds of Change

I like the sound of the car purr the lights click when you’re about to take a turn The wet tires on the ground Most of all I love the silence in between us Which allows me to appreciate all these other sounds Of us going somewhere, anywhere Not staying in the same place…. the…

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Everything and Nothing

You’re my bestfriend The one I tell all my secrets too – At the same time – My worst enemy The one that cuts the deepest – Yet you’re my lover Who’s touches leave me breathless – Also my peace The sound of your voice soothes me to sleep – Most days my happiness At…

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Turn Light

I’m thinking to my self, as I am sitting here. How I wish I could take back some things you seen Like the color of my blood When I bleed   Or how my dark brown eyes Suddenly turn light Every time I cry, With a smile I put up a fight   However always…

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The truth is as much as I love you.. Which is a lot I have no desire to be in your bed tonight – You wounded my pride Stay out of my sight Cause you belong in the sidelines – As I will gain strength And continue To live my life -G.S

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The One

It was a beautiful story It started like this We ran away from a night club Climbed a rooftop On my way down he stole a kiss – We moved very quickly Too good to go slowly There wasn’t a moment We dared to miss Within a few days he called me his – Unfortunately…

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As I lay cradled within my refuge My craving for freedom grows constantly The apathy comes as a great deluge Behaving as such, never modestly   As days turn to weeks, I plan and prepare For the day that I am liberated Constant nothingness leads to my despair And I become more and more frustrated…

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