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You like to have your little toys, although you never play with them just simply observe them. Then you see me winning although you love me at the same time you want to beat me, it’s alright though…

Love is war this is just another fight

Always you looked up to me and wanted to be like me is what you said.

However i never understood what you saw in me, I told that’s a terrible thing to want, knowing all the flaws and burden it comes to being me.

I was harsh and cold.

That was the best way i could teach to grow, your love remained unconditional and mine consisted of terms and conditions.

We are at the end now, still feels like the begining

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Breathe in

Breathe out

I guess that’s what living

Is all about


Close your eyes

Eliminate the doubt

Hold my hand

Make me yours now


If it was easy

It wouldn’t be worthwhile

Lick my wounds

Heal me now


We are two broken parts

Looking to be together

Don’t steal my heart

If you won’t make it

A treasure